My name is Miloš Zeković and I am an engineer, web designer and front-end developer, born in Belgrade on April, 1983.
I have dealt with the web design, with the focus on web standards and UX, since 2004. I created or helped with the creation of hundreds different web sites, portals and applications as a web designer, developer or web consultant. I create modern, and yet simple and most of all effective web sites with semantic W3C valid and SEO friendly HTML code. Lately, I have been focused on HTML5/ CSS3 / jQuery coding and web pages optimized for mobile phones, and I also work on the creation of themes for the most important CMS systems.

Web design that functions

I became interested in web design in 2002 when I made the first HTML page for my amateur hip hop band at that time. Today web design is not just hobby anymore; few years ago it became a vocation and turned into the philosophy of my life and my way of thinking.

My work was presented by many relevant CSS design galleries such as the famous CssMania, and it was reviewed positively on many relevant blogs. In my present career I worked with many important individuals and web design studios form Belgrade and its surroundings. At the moment, I am also working on some of my own web projects on different themes.

In 2011, I founded my own small web design studio called Etik.

Who are you – some perfectionist?

Right! The design I make, together with HTML / CSS code which I write manually and semantically so it could be W3C valid, is one “pixel precise” unit. In my opinion, if there is no perfectionism, there is no quality.

Currently, I am working on all my projects in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia as well as in my hometown Vojka (Srem, Vojvodina), but I can express my creativity at any spot on the planet Earth if there is the Wi-Fi connection. Because of the nature of my work, I have become a great fan of gadgets, mobile phones and tablets. My tools for work at this moment are Apple iMac, iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Bold 9700 mobile phones.